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Think wisely.

There has always been requirement of ice for bars, clubs and cafes or even at our own houses. Ice is the asset of every great drink, and no party, barbeque, or venture is complete without the presence of ice. Simple solution to not run out of ice is to have an ice maker but mostly people think of an ice maker as a fridge- a large unit that uses a small freezer for ice making purpose. This machine tends to occupy a lot of internal space of your home and especially the kitchen. Also the energy a fridge requires is in kilowatts and isn’t eco friendly when compared to an ice maker. We forget about the simple ice makers that we have now in market. The best among all is our product iCube portable ice maker.


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Ice maker


Here are some of the valid reasons which you read once would then prefer an ice maker over a freezer.

The comparison


The quality of the ice, an ice maker provides is better than that of a fridge. The fridge has many other food items stored in and hence doesn’t seem much fresh. An ice makers has to store ice alone and hence the ice is very fresh.


We all know a fridge is a very large unit and is very spacious. Not movable and a very heavy machine. The portion provided to freeze ice is very less and is less compatible than our ice making machine.


If we talk about the cost there is a vast difference between the cost of a fridge and an ice maker. The prices for a fridge start from 30,000 and goes up to 60-70,000. Whereas portable ice makers are a relatively affordable appliance costly just 16,500(including GST and excluding shipping charges).


This is one of the main reasons people would love to buy an ice maker as it portable. It can be carried away easily it weighs only 9 kilograms whereas a fridge weighs approximately 100kgs.

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Ease to use and maintain

It’s very easy to maintain an ice maker no extra efforts are needed to clean the machine. And it just gets started by a single button operation.

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Production capacity and speed

In addition to figuring out the amount of ice you need your ice machine to hold, you need to make sure it will make ice quickly enough for you. The production capacity is usually provided in kgs of ice per day. Our machine serves almost about 15- 22 kgs of ice per day and fill ups the try with 90 bullets in just one hour.

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Extras Features:

  • Self Cleaning — A self-cleaning machine seems the best. You just need to open a knob and the job is done.
  • Ice Size Selection — our portable ice makers let you choose between two ice cube sizes i.e., small and large.
  • Ice Scoop — A very few portable ice makers come with an ice scoop included and ours is one among them.

So, Which One Is the Right Choice?

After considering the benefits of our options, you should feel good about selecting the perfect appliance for your ice needs. A freezer ice maker is not practical unless the space is available, and it still may not be necessary if there is not a constant need for ice. For smaller spaces, a portable ice maker may be ideal and carries the added benefit of being able to be relocated on an as-needed basis.

Or, perhaps, investing in both options is the perfect solution.