iCube Air Tower
Air Purifier

  • Perfect for a Living / Master Bed Room

  • Remote Control

  • Packed with awesome features

  • Cheapest in class filter replacement

  • Beautiful Creamy Cloud finish

  • Ionizer

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 0% EMI on Amazon – Limited Time Offer

MRP: ₹24999
Sale Price: ₹12999

Stunning Looks & Powerful Functionality

Every iCube Air Tower Air Purifier comes with the following features:

Active Carbon Filter

Helps in absorption of contaminations and allergens. Also removes bad odor from air. 


HEPA Filter

High Efficiency Particulate Air, also known as HEPA, captures up to 99.97% of particles & allergens like dust, smoke, chemicals, pollens, etc.



10 Million Negative Ions help in trapping airborne particles, thus efficiently cleaning the air in your room.


Cheap Filter Replacement

All iCube Air Purifiers come with cheap filter replacement that helps you to replace & recycle your old filters saving you cash with each replacement. iCube recommends changing filters every year for best results.


CADR = 430 m3/hr

Clean Air Delivery Rate, also known as CADR, is a figure of merit that is the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air that has had all the particles of a given size distribution removed.


Room Size = 45 m2/ 485 ft2

A perfect partner for your master bedroom or a living room. Recommended room size is 45 m2 or 485 ft2.
iCube recommends this for medium sized room.


Power Consumption = 53W

With only 53W power consumption on maximum capacity, you can run your purifier all day, every day without worrying about your electricity bills.


Product Size (L*B*H) = 375*265*710mm

iCube Air Tower is colossal. The dimensions are as follows:
Length = 375 mm/ 37.5 cm
Breath = 265 mm/ 26.5 cm
Height = 710 mm/ 71 cm


4 Stage Purification

4 Stage Purification:
1 - Pre-Filter
2 - HEPA
3 - Active Carbon
4 - Ionizer
iCube Medium Air Purifier comes with an extra layer of Pre Filter.


Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Child Lock & Timer

Auto Mode controls the speed of the fan according to the air quality.
Sleep Mode disables all the lights on the display & noise of fan, taking away all the distraction at night.
Child Lock helps to protect your device by disabling all the buttons.
Timer helps you to select from 1 hr/ 2 hr/ 3 hr/ 4 hr and automatically shut down the purifier.


Pollution Indicator Color Ring

Pollution Sensor Ring shows you Air Quality Color:
Ocean Blue : Good Air
Deep Blue : Slightly Polluted
Fuchsia : Moderately Polluted
Red : Highly Polluted


Big Digital Display

Digital display shows you Air Quality index:
20-70 : Good Air
71-150 : Slightly Polluted
151-200 : Moderately Polluted
201-300 : Highly Polluted


Remote Control

Control everything from Power On/Off, timer, ionizer, sleep mode, fan speed, and auto mode from your iCube Remote.


Filter Replacement & Ambient Light Sensor

Filter Replacement indicator will go on reminding the user to change the filter.
Ambient Light Sensor adjusts the brightness of the indicators on the machine according to ambient light.

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DFQ - 609



CADR : 200 m3/hr
Room Size : 25 m2/ 270 ft2
Power Consumption : 43W
Size : 330*200*610 mm
Weight : 6.5 Kg
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • HEPA & Carbon Filter
  • Ionizer Technology
  • Timer
  • Child Lock
  • Sleep Mode
  • White Pearl Finish
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DFQ - 901



CADR : 430 m3/hr

Room Size : 45 m2/ 485 ft2
Power Consumption : 53W
Size : 375*265*710 mm
Weight : 9 Kg
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • HEPA & Carbon Filter
  • Ionizer Technology
  • Timer
  • Child Lock
  • Sleep Mode
  • Creamy Cloud Finish
  • Remote Control
  • Big Digital Display
  • Pollution Sensor
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DFQ - 605



CADR : 600 m3/hr

Room Size : 60 m2/ 646 ft2
Power Consumption : 80W
Size : 502*322*608 mm
Weight : 17.4 Kg
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • HEPA & Carbon Filter
  • Best in Class Ionizer
  • Timer
  • Child Lock
  • Sleep Mode
  • Grey Metal Finish
  • Remote Control
  • Big Digital Display
  • Pollution Sensor
  • Metal Body
  • Cold Catalyst Filter
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