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Add quality to your drinks

While the entertainment sectors like pubs, bars & clubs are growing non-stop, the consumers have become more demanding with higher-quality services requirements. To serve people with the best cocktails at your pubs and make them happy, you need to make use of innovative solutions, most of which are based on brand-new technologies. An interesting example of our latest technology is the ice makers by iCube Electronics, an essential element in modern pubs and restaurants, one that offers the best service to all its consumers. A machine which can be easily installed, maintained and transported is all a pub or restaurants need. Our machine has all these features which can amaze you.


An Ice Making Machine that Exceeds your Expectations

It’s a machine with a production rate of 15- 22 kgs of ice bullets per day. It has the ability to produce up to 90 bullets of ice in just an hour. The amount of ice produced is huge and can be used quite many times like needed in pubs. We should be aware about the quality of drinks we are served or serving are with good ice quality or not because bad ice can cause a lot of health issues. But not to worry, our machine has taken care of it. It produces ice with the pure water that the user adds in the machine.

Also we use R134a refrigerant which doesn’t damage the ozone layer and is toxic free and corrosion free. This helps us in preserving the environment at the same time.

Offering Prime Service

It’s important for a product to have great features but also have extremely fabulous services. Our machine is one much creation. We provide with the best service to our customer. This machine has a warranty of one year and with the guaranty of replacement if there is a technical fault. The machine weighs 9.8 kg and is a portable machine which can be moved and cleaned very easily.

No more wasting time in getting ice from big freezers or dirty ice from street vendors, this small machine does it all in the same manner with better and fresher ice as is not stored with any other food items like as in freezers. Go get one for you pub and enjoy the best services. To know more click here. And for more queries do contact us on LinkedIn.