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Air Quality

Do we realize what we inhale with air?

Allergens, molds, smoke, dust, pet or animals residues like hair. Are they safe to inhale? Are they not harmful? Yes, they are. Breathing these fine particles can cause permanent respiratory damage to human life. Inhaling these particles is not safe for the elders and children who are already suffering from asthma.

While our dogs, cats and birds bring us much joy, sadly they can also trigger allergies. In many cases pets also suffer from allergies so if you are looking for a solution to pet allergies to breathe easier look no further. Air purifiers for pets can also be very effective with pet odors.

Learning more

Smoke can take various forms such as cigarette smoke or wildfire smoke. Each of these can pose health issues. To help you, we offer carbon air purifiers for smoke. Each air purifier has HEPA quality air filtration or better, allowing you to remove up to 99.9% percent of smoke particles from the air.

Mold exists everywhere in nature and is a common component of dust. Mold is a microscopic fungus with a size of 10-30 microns. Mold spreads through the air and can create serious health issues. HEPA filters are certified and proven to remove all airborne mold spores. Thus, air purifiers effectively eliminate mold.

We bring to you our magical product with HEPA filter and carbon activated filter. This is everything that you are looking for. A USB cable and a charger adapter comes free with every air purifier. It works only on 3- 8 watts of power.

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