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Why is mother’s day special?

A relationship on earth which effortlessly scores above all other relations is of a MOTHER. A mother who is simply a visible version of goddess in front of us, who is full of love and dedication when it comes to her children and  family. A mother can do anything that takes her child to stay happy. It’s a miracle how a mother gives birth to her child, tolerating all that pain and still ends up holding a beautiful smile just by feeling her child around.  To honor all the mothers out there, there is a very special occasion called THE MOTHER’S DAY.

Mother with her baby in hand

Origin of Mother’s day

This day came in picture in the year 1908, by a lady named Anna Jarvis, a peace activist who used to take care of the wounded soldiers in the American Civil War. She wanted to honour all the mothers of the world who have done a lot for their family and society and that’s the reason she started International Mother’s day and by the passing years this day was declared as a holiday. The second Sunday of May every year is celebrated as a Mother’s day across the world. She chose the second Sunday as this was near her mother’s death anniversary.

What’s the perfect present for Mother’s day?

You all might be in a rush to just pack and deliver your mothers with gifts like fancy clothes, accessories or some kitchen appliances that she asked you to buy sometime before. Here, I have something very interesting and a very different product that you can present to your mothers on this Mother’s day. A dolphin lamp, yes a lamp that is small, cute and lights up in seven different colors on every tap. Positivity, luck and happiness are all what we wish for our mothers and this is a gift which covers all these factors and is in so much resemblance. Don’t waste much time, trust me and go get a dolphin lamp for your mother. I have already got one for mine. It helps her in all possible ways that you can’t even think about. To know more about it go visit http://icubeelectronics.com/icube-dolphin-lamp/ and for any advice or query do contact  me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/swati-goel-b9180a119/.