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Specialty of

our Air purifier

Efficiently reduces up to 99% of allergens, odors, mold, viruses and bacteria. With stunning looks and awesome power functionality. No complicated controls. Turn it on, breathe fresh air, and enjoy odor free surroundings.

Amazing Features & Functionality

Hot Looks

Our product has stunning and beautiful pearl white finish metallic body. Looks gorgeous and is also portable(Air pro purifier).

Odor Control

Say goodbye to unwanted odors and stale air. Breathe fresh healthy air. Reduces odors and harmful allergens around us.

Allergy Issues

Life can be rough because of airborne dust,pollen. But now this won’t keep you down or rob you of a good night’s rest. Reduces airborne allergens up to 99% help to stay safe from all allergies.

Clean Air

iCube purifier gives you fresher air to breathe and a healthier environment to survive.

We Offer Awesome Services


We provide our consumers with the cheapest filter replacements.


Very quick and safe delivery services.


Minimum warranty period of two years with filter replacement.


Affordable product with stunning features is rare.

Because of  increasing  air pollution by passing years, it will be very difficult for us to breathe. Most of all the cities are affected very badly due to the smokes  emitted from vehicles and factories. People are fighting fro harsh diseases due to the bad influence these pollutants. Therefore we need to buy an air purifier as early as possible.