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A recent article in Times of India notes that the current situation of Delhi has deteriorated such that more than 10 parts of Delhi are 5 times worse than the safety standards set by WHO for air quality. This may lead to decline in the quality of living for both adults as well as kids.

Data from this dense network shows not only a very high level of pollution but also a sharp increase in pollutants that were earlier within the limit.


Keeping in mind the current situation of our city and country, we have devised solutions for you. Air purifiers for car, home , and office. We think most of the time we are indoors and we should really take control of our air indoors as we cannot control the pollution outdoors. iCube Air Purifiers are a prudent way of improving the quality of the air around us leading to a healthier lifestyle. iCube’s Air Purifier is an essential home appliance as it removes even the minimal pollutants present in air caused even by the most common activities. Here are some of our products:

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Air pollution is a very lethal threat to the living population. We all should focus on eliminating even the slightest chance of any disease or infection by taking right steps and investing in right products.


Reference : Times of India Article (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/twelve-areas-in-delhi-where-you-can-never-breathe-clean-air/articleshow/62677188.cms )