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If you have any doubt about your ice machine here are some tips. These are also the most frequently asked question by consumers.

Ice Scoop Metal

It's easy to solve this issue.

  1. Check if the machine is too hot. Let it cool down for sometime.
  2. This issue may arise due to software error. To solve this error restart the machine.
  3. A complete restart requires to let the machine cool down and then remove the plug and start it over again.
  4. Check for leakage or for cracks in water reservoir.
  5. Check whether the drain cap properly fits.
  6. Read the manual properly and fill the tank according to the capacity required.
  7.  Do check for proper power connections(voltage dropping can restart the machine again).
  8. Run the Clean cycle even if nothing works from the above tips.
  9. Check the temperature of the water used. It should be cold enough.

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A demo video to how we can solve this issue regarding less ice production.